Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets

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Get your little bunnies an Easter Basket from Caramanda's! Baskets are 8" x 8", stuffed with Easter grass, filled with Caramanda's sweets, wrapped in plastic and tied up with ribbon. Each basket will include a prize egg, with the grand prize being a Free Dozen Cupcakes!

We have 3 options to choose from, please select from drop down menu above which Easter basket you would like according to descriptions below.

Basket #1: 5 Easter sugar cookies, 1 Chocolate Egg Cake (egg-shaped chocolate cake covered in chocolate fudge or vanilla and drizzled with vanilla in Easter colors), Coupon for a free cupcake, and a prize egg

Basket #2: 3 Easter sugar cookies, 1 cupcake (will vary unless specified in order), Buy 1 cupcake and Get 1 Free Coupon, and a prize egg

Basket #3: 1 Cupcake, 1 Chocolate Egg Cake, 2 Easter sugar cookies, Buy 1 cupcake and get 1 Free Coupon, and a prize egg


NOTE: If you would like to choose which cupcake and cookies to put in your basket, you must pre-order online or call ahead at least 1 day in advance. Cookies included in basket may vary in design. Please specify in order comment section if you prefer certain cookie designs and cupcakes. Thank you!

*Please note that fruit-based icing flavors cannot be colored and are naturally tinted depending on the flavor. If you need specific colors on the cake, please select Buttercream (tinted) as the icing flavor. Please specify in the Order Notes (visible in checkout window) what color icing and any other design requests including inscription. We are primarily a custom order bakery, so please chat with our team to quote a custom cake to your liking. Additional flavors and options including Gluten Free are available by chatting with our team.